This new burger brand is made just for you.

This new burger brand is made just for you.

Anna Forbes

Anna Forbes

A marketing maestro, Anna guides the planning, execution and management for a variety of B2B and B2C clients.

Who doesn’t love a good burger? So juicy. So delicious. The problem is, burger joints are popping up everywhere these days (one is even called The Burger Joint!). So how do you differentiate a burger brand in such a crowded and trendy marketplace? Well that’s exactly the challenge presented to us with a recent brand development project for a couple of burger obsessed restaurant owners.

As we always do, we began this process with strategy. The target audience for this particular restaurant is the ever popular, ever elusive millennial. A particularly tough crowd to please in the food and restaurant game. Millennials want both transparency and authenticity, and while they love fresh ingredients they also want great deals. Oh and millennials love any chance to customize and make food their own.

The good news is this new brand has a pretty strong view of the way a burger should be made, leading us to a solid unique selling proposition. These burgers aren’t sitting under a heat lamp waiting for the next customer. They’re painstakingly, meticulously, hand-crafted to order using only the freshest ingredients. Making each burger yours and yours alone. Thus the name and the completed brand. Don’t look too long. It’ll make you hungry.

UR Burger Brand Development

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