Subscription Boxes: How to Attract (and Keep) New Business

subscription boxes

The last few years have shown a skyward spike in the popularity of subscription boxes in the digital marketplace, with thousands of merchants available and nearly 19 million subscribers. From pet treats, to meal kits, clothes, makeup and other lifestyle/niche products, a customer has a box of specified items delivered straight to their door. While most business models are reliant on a consistent influx of new customers, the success of a subscription box company is heavily dependent on consumer retention. The seller’s ultimate goal is solidifying future repeat orders with that buyer on a recurring delivery schedule. The convenience of delivery and preparation coupled with arrival anticipation make subscription boxes an all too attractive option for online shoppers.

It is critical for subscription box companies to enhance the consumer experience to gain (and keep) first-time buyers. Check out our top 3 marketing tips for retaining subscription box customers below:

  1. Capitalize on package anticipation to encourage repeat purchases. Even though subscription buyers are often purchasing on their own behalf, these customers still thrive on the experience  of receiving a package on their doorstep, much like a gift. Sellers can capitalize on this shopping adrenaline by making it as easy as possible for customers to repeat the buying process and sustain their excitement. “Did you love what you received last month? Wait until you see this.” Use previous purchasing information to create targeted ads and landing pages that are exactly what your customer is interested in. Proposing a delivery schedule and other items of interest are key to keeping a buyer hooked.
  2. Create boxes that make it easier for consumers to obtain common products. For those who are less impressed with the subscription experience but enjoy the convenience, boxes should consist of items that need to be replaced fairly often. Items like toiletries and groceries need to be replenished regularly, and thus are an easier sell. It’s also best to make sure that any ordering online is done on a mobile friendly platform, with clear instructions and a strong call to action. This will make the ordering process quick, hassle-free and gently lead subscribers through the buying cycle.
  3. Stay relevant by staying on customers’ radars and keeping content fresh. Establish an email blast or ad schedule with relevant articles and posts that keep viewers interested in your brand. Offer incentives for returning buyers or referrals. Make boxes customizable to continually satisfy customer’s changing requests. Collaborate with influencers for maximum exposure and to stay on trend. The subscription box market is continuously evolving and merchants who adapt see stability as well as growth.

Retaining subscription box buyers is a delicate balancing act of encouraging future buys without “spamming” prospects. As this market continues to change, it’s crucial for sellers to regularly evaluate their marketing practices and stay innovative.

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