A Social Media Campaign That Will Leave You “Satisfried”

Burger King recently launched their new product, Satisfries and they are hitting the nail on the head with every aspect of their social media campaign. Burger King is behind its competitors in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. Their new Satisfries are meant to revamp their image as well increase their credibility.

The great thing about the Satisfries campaign is that although it is fully integrated into social media, it continues to project its USP, which is; “fries that look and taste the same as regular fries, but with 40% less fat”. It is refreshing to see a social media campaign that is grounded in strategy and not just doing something because it is cool.

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Take for instance, Burger King’s recent sponsored post through Buzzfeed. Content marketing is all the rage right now, but more often then not, it lacks strategy. Burger King was able to be funny and entertaining as well as stay within strategy. This clever post will attract the everyday Buzzfeed reader, and put Burger King at top of mind without pushing a hard sell. Personally after seeing that picture of Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson -I wanted to make sure my fries had 40% less fat!

If this campaign teaches us anything, it is that all good marketing needs to be grounded in strategy. It is so easy to get off track when you’re working with social media. If you want to do something cool (IE Buzzfeed marketing), go back to your original strategy and goals to see if you can make it work. In marketing, it is not enough to be cool, you have to be strategic and goal oriented.

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