Things We Love: Healthy Life Bread

One of the greatest things about the prospect of working with a new brand is trying out the product. At The Cyphers Agency, we believe that we do our best work for the brands that we truly love. You know, those products that you don’t have to force yourself to get behind, the ones that you genuinely fall in love with? Those are the brands that don’t just end with our workdays, they’re the ones we take home to our families and share with our friends.


Our most recent obsession is Healthy Life bread. As an agency, we’ve been on a mission to try every different product in the Healthy Life line and it’s been a delicious, wheat-filled journey! Of course, different folks have their favorites, but so far there’s been nothing but positive comments from the team.

See the pinnacle of our sandwich making efforts on Instagram.

This delicious bread also brought out the sandwich makers in us all — taking photos, tweeting and posting all about it. We soon found ourselves sharing too much with friends and family like huge fan boys and girls. If you don’t believe us, just look at how much we went through in two short weeks!

Empty Wrappers

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