Reasons We Miss Anna: Ode To An AE

Reasons We Miss Anna: Ode To An AE

Maybe you know how it feels when someone dear to you goes away for a really long time (like 3 weeks to Europe), or maybe you don’t.  Just in case you are “one of those” who don’t know, I will give you a hint of what it is like.  You catch yourself daydreaming, wondering what they are doing right this very second or if they are going to look different when they get back.  Sometimes, you occassionally (okay obsessively) check their Facebook page, clicking through their pictures to see their face and even writing on their wall, even though you know they can’t answer until they get home.  And when it gets really bad, you start a list titled “Reasons I miss [insert name].

What I have just described to you, is what everyone at The Cyphers Agency has been going through for the past 3 weeks while our dearest Anna was away gallivanting around Europe.  We have all done our share of Anna daydreaming and Anna Facebook stalking, but together we compiled our “Reasons we miss Anna” list.

And so it begins…

  • She sometimes just says “Hey, I like you!” for no reason.
  • Because my attempts to channel her have failed miserably.
  • She solves all of my problems!
  • She keeps the level of positivity at its maximum.
  • She knows the answers to everything.
  • She soothes my soul.
  • She is QUATIFITU [Queen Of All That Is Fun In The Universe]!  We need a rad awards show again!
  • Her awesome impressions, dance moves, etc.
  • She smiles a lot and is generally awesome.
  • Her absence causes the awesomeness level to drop dangerously low.
  • No Woofers!
  • Everything. Positive energy. Daily check-ins where she sneaks up to your desk to ask if you’re okay.
  • She’s not afraid to visit Creative.
  • I have no one to look at through my glass.  I am lonely without her.

Thankfully, the beloved Anna has returned the fold, and we are ever so glad! Now we have to start our “Reasons we’re glad Anna came back” list…

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