Summer Silliness at The Cyphers Agency

Summer Silliness at The Cyphers Agency

Not sure if it’s the sunshine, warm weather, or the short-sleeve shirts but summer silliness is definitely in the air at The Cyphers Agency.  Just take a look at some of the QUOTES heard around the office lately, and you’ll know exactly what we mean. 

  • My brain hurts so bad, it’s from being so smart.
  • You just salted me!
  • I love toaster ovens!  It’s sorta like an easy bake oven.
  • Sorry if my hair is falling all over your stuff, it’s shedding season.
  • I need to go, you’re creeping me out because you’re being so nice.
  • I’m feeling expensive today.
  • I don’t like people to have solutions to my problems.  I want them to be like, yeah that’s an impossible problem.  Good luck with that.
  • What are you eating that comes from a carton!  I heard a carton!
  • You can do whatever you want as long as it looks sexy.
  • I’m like the sad mother right now.
  • Your eyeballs are humongous right now.
  • My shirt is made out of polar bear and insulation.
  • I got all emotional because of the smell of the Target parking lot.
  • That sounds like a fake cough.
  • Can we just hire an intern to talk to? answer: It’s called a psychiatrist.
  • Just thinking about going to bed early is making me smile.
  • I wonder who was like, “let’s burn some bread and then eat it.”
  • We need to have more plot than I can’t wait to get home and do it with my vampire boyfriend.
  • Your whole face just looked like I pooped all over it.

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