And The TCA Award Goes To…

Things have been getting pretty busy around The Cyphers Agency. While the satisfaction of creating great work is certainly a reward in and of itself, sometimes you need is a little recognition to keep on keepin’ on. Luckily, the powers that be here at TCA are more than willing to show us some love. Thus, The TCA Awards were born!

The event was high class, with many adult beverages and hors d’oeuvres to be had. While we were able to avoid the paparazzi, TCA folks still showed up in their red carpet best. Although there were many bow ties to be found, our bookkeeper Barbara’s Old Hollywood ensemble earned her the title of Best Dressed.

Here’s a few of the many notable inside jokes awards bestowed by our President, Dave Cyphers, Creative Director/Vice President, Darren Easton and Account Executive/Queen Of All That Is Fun In The Universe, Anna Forbes:

The Overpriced Java Junkie Award: Jocelyn Rimbey

The Gaussian Blur Award: Paul Rudzinski, for Photoshop skillz

The Ear-Splitting Conversationalist Award: Nevin Laughlin*

The Shy and Reserved Award: Danielle Reigle*

*Psst… these were ironic.

The Early Riser Award:Tessa Carroll, for the first Baltimorean arrival

The Zombie Commuter Award: Julianna Wittig

In the end, a fabulous time was had by all and no one went home empty-handed — that’s just how we roll. Many of us are already jockeying for the best awards next year, so watch out, world!

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