Hey, Steve!

Meet our Public Relations Coordinator, Steve Adams! Steve (aka Farmer Joe) has worked at The Cyphers Agency for 3 years and is an essential member of Team PR. When he’s not pitching away at work, you can find him paddleboarding or walking his dog in Annapolis, or at his family’s farm in upstate New York.

Hey Steve! Hey!

What’s that? A baguette-scented candle.


What’s your biggest pet peeve? Uh, unanswered emails.


What are you listening to? I was listening to Luke Bryan, “Rain is a Good Thing.”


Hey Steve! Hey!

Where would you go on an unexpected day off? Uh, I would take my paddleboard out on Spa Creek.


Print or digital news? I’ll go with print.

Favorite podcast? Uh, it’s a sports podcast called “Pardon My Take.”

What’s your favorite part about your hometown? I would say all the boats.

Hey Steve! Hey!

Who do you tell all your secrets to? Uh, my dad.

What is the first movie you saw in theaters? Heavyweights.


What’s your favorite quote? “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Mmkay bye! See ya!

In addition to our public relations coordinator Steve, get to know other members of our team: Meena Ng, Dani Merritts and Mike Jans. Visit our Deep Ads Thoughts blog to learn more about current advertising, marketing and public relations tips and trends. Plus, check out our Push n’ Pull blog for all things in the world of digital and social media. 

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