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Public Relations Campaigns: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

While it’s easy to think a public relations campaign involves nothing more than writing and sending a press release or two, there’s a lot to the process. As this behind-the-scenes look at our PR campaign work for the Chesapeake Bay Trust and its new Bay Plate shows, a comprehensive campaign also includes dozens of phone calls, boots-on-the-ground support, and hundreds of carefully-crafted emails with recipient-relevant talking points.

PR Case Study #0209 – Launch of NEW Chesapeake Bay Plate.

It has been 14 years since a New Bay Plate design. Our goal was to stimulate ales by raising awareness of the new design and showing drivers how easy it is to purchase.

Step 1. Write press release on new bay plate.

Step 2. Invite media to attend the new bay plate unveiling.

Step 3. Make followup phone calls to media regarding the unveiling.

Step 4. Send Maryland statewide press release via CISION PR Newswire.

Our Results:

  • 7 feature interviews
  • 176 unique press release pickups
  • 60+ statewide ceremony and redesign announcement results
  • 3,563,603 est. total national TV audience
  • 4,062,556 est. total online news visitors
  • 393,303 est. total local TV audience

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