Creating a Powerful Brand to Jump off the Shelf

Creating a Powerful Brand to Jump off the Shelf

Anna Forbes

Anna Forbes

A marketing maestro, Anna guides the planning, execution and management for a variety of B2B and B2C clients.

It’s one thing to know the definition of branding and brand development. It’s quite another to execute a brand development project properly so your product embodies the brand and commands attention on highly competitive retail shelves. This was our challenge when working on a recent brand development project for a new acne skincare product line, CoralActives. For The Cyphers Agency, the process involves a lot more than just creative execution.

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The Unsung Hero: Research

First and foremost we start with research. Having a great kick-off meeting with the client doesn’t mean we know everything about the product or the specific retail environment. We take what we do know and then painstakingly fill in the gaps, from product line details to competitive retail forces to market conditions to consumer insights and purchase decisions. It is the research that ultimately dictates the unique selling proposition (USP).

The Almighty Brief

The research fuels the creative brief that details the strategy behind the brand to break through the cluttered retail market. For CoralActives, this was especially challenging given the category is dominated by well established retail brands. No matter what the marketing environment, the brief gives the creative team the blueprint for the creative execution with details on target audience demographics and psychographics, the brand’s USP, and support of claim and tone. The creative team doesn’t lift a finger until the creative brief has been finalized and approved.

The Glorious Execution

Finally, the creative team can work their magic, well-armed with research insights and the creative brief. Development of a new retail brand is about much more than choosing pretty colors and fonts. It’s about bringing the brand’s distinction to life and creating an execution that is fueled by strategy.

When you break it down to three steps it sounds easy, but trust me, it’s not. Brand development is an intense process. However, all the work pays off in the end when it culminates in amazing creative that brings a brand to life. We’re quite proud of the work we’ve done with the team as Ermis Labs to develop a brand for CoralActives acne skincare products. A powerful brand execution is always essential, but when we’re trying to capture a consumer’s attention within the 4 seconds they spend making a purchase decision on skincare products, it’s never been more critical. The final execution speaks for itself.

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