A Retrospect: TCA’s Best of 2012

A Retrospect: TCA’s Best of 2012

Anna Forbes

Anna Forbes

A marketing maestro, Anna guides the planning, execution and management for a variety of B2B and B2C clients.

As the year winds down and we’re wrapping up our 2012 projects, we like to take some time to reflect back on the year’s accomplishments. Here are some snapshots of our favorite work from 2012.

Brand Development from Beginning to End Coral Actives brand dev comp

“I really enjoyed working with the team from start to finish on the CoralActives brand development. It’s always gratifying when you start with research that helps define the brand strategy and then seeing that executed into packaging is a fun and rewarding process.” – Danielle Ensley, Account Coordinator

A Heroic Feat

“We completed 33 brochures in 6 months for Kay Apartment Communities! And we’re not just talking little tri-folds either. Each brochure contained an amenity sheet, location map, site plan, and floor plans (varied by property but some contain as many of 60 plans). While the content in each brochure was different we had to maintain consistency in layout, copy format, map elements, floor plan size, and details, and even naming and saving files per the client’s instructions across all brochures. Now THAT is an accomplishment!”  – Danielle Reigle, Account Executive

Kay Apartments Ad   Kay Apartments Ad  Kay Apartments Ad

The Marriage of Wine and Banking

“As part of an increased Commercial Banking initiative from Severn Savings Bank, we created a two-part ad series featuring current, local commercial banking customers. They feature custom photography shot on-site at the respective customer locations and direct quotes from those customers regarding their individual relationships with Severn. I’m particularly proud of this work as it’s not typically what you’d expect to see from a bank and team nailed the ad strategy with the final execution.” – Tessa Carroll, Account Executive

Severn Savings Bank Ad

Fans Get Fiesty Over Chicken

“My favorite project from 2012 was the March Madness social media mini-campaign we ran on the Chicken Facebook page. It was really fun for us and for the fans, and it created a ton of engagement on the page. The fans got really into it and loved having a stake in what dish they wanted to win.” – Kyle Sacks, Social Media Coordinator

Chicken March Madness

The Secret’s Out

“One of my favorite projects was the Better Than Bouillon Secret Ingredient Facebook Giveaway. I love working with Shortstack to create applications. I especially love it when a project goes smoothly and comes out as a solid part of a campaign strategy.” – Lucas Hanyok, Web Designer

BTB Secret

The Results Speak For Themselves

“Plain and simple, this campaign creative worked. It was a part of a highly strategic campaign that helped uninsured Marylanders obtain the coverage they so desperately need.”  -Darren Easton, Creative Director

MHIP_seen  MHIP_wait

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