November’s Social Media Updates and Trends

November was a big month for your favorite social media platforms- from adding new functions to updating policies, there’s lots to explore. Watch our vlog for the lowdown.


Hi I’m Kelly and I’m Kristin.

Kelly: Welcome to this month’s edition of the social media recap where we discuss all the latest happenings in social media. Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of what happened in November.

Kelly: Instagram is adding a new section to make shopping easier. Now you can save tagged products you’re interested in to your profile, just in time for the holiday season.

Kelly: Instagram is cracking down on in-authentic activity from third-party apps that generate likes, follows and comments which violates their community guidelines and terms of use.

Kristin:This month Twitter decided to make the follower count font smaller and less significant. The hope is this will decrease polarizing viral content that creates a toxic discourse on the platform.

Kristin: Also in the world of Twitter, the platform unveiled a new update in the explore tab which separates the latest news into sections helping to improve the relevant content discovery.

Kelly: An un-send option for Facebook Messenger is now allowing users to remove messages they’ve sent within 10 minutes of delivery.

Kristin: LinkedIn wants to get in on the reactions and stories action. The platform is working on a range of Facebook like features including reactions, gifs and comments and their own variation of stories.

Kristin: So that’s it for November. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms so you’re always in the know and never miss an exciting episode.

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