How To Stand Out with Campaign Piggy Backing

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many retailers are prepping for the influx of e-commerce traffic by offering competitive pricing sales and extending store hours. With all of the holiday clutter in the air, it can be difficult for retailers to cut through the noise and push their products ahead of their competitors. One option to accomplish a boost in brand attention in this hectic landscape is through campaign piggybacking.

When one brand partners with another (non-competing) brand for mutual benefit or attaches themselves to a trending occurrence, this is known as campaign piggybacking. With this method, a brand is able to capitalize off of the popularity of a current event or of another brand in order to garner attention for their own content.

Campaign piggybacking is certainly not a new phenomenon, but has seen a rise in popularity as a means of marketing in a world of constant communication. Whether planned well in advance or executed on a whim, it can be an effective tool to increase exposure. Brands that have similar audiences with products that do not compete often participate because it can be mutually beneficial to both parties. As another angle, brands will sometimes attach themselves to a current event last minute (also known as newsjacking) to get some publicity. This method can perform especially well on Twitter due to its real-time content. Seemingly unrelated things can often complement each other to create humorous, viral content!

While the latter is usually more effective for a significant spike in traffic because it is timely, it is crucial for brands to be prepared for last minute feedback that they may not have thought of ahead of time. Content shouldn’t be controversial and should be shareable. In both pre-planned and ad-hoc campaign piggybacking, the content should have a soft-sell and some personality to make it stand out as unique.

Check out some great examples of campaign piggybacking:

campaign piggybacking

If a brand is looking for a different, less expensive and effective way to create immediate impact in their advertising and SEO, campaign piggybacking done correctly is one way to stand out from the crowd!

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