Restaurant Menu Designs Before & After

Restaurant menu designs are always challenging because they’re a key execution of the brand but they also need to address the practical, functional needs of the restaurant guests. It was an especially fun challenge to address both of these issues with the Blackwall Hitch menu re-design.

Before Menu Redesign

Practical & Functional Challenge 

While the existing menus (printed on flexible plastic and coated) definitely held up well, guests were regularly challenged by the small font size when trying to decide on their selections. Additionally, a menu of this size on one large two-sided execution was quite overwhelming.

The new design went to a booklet format so each spread could punctuate and pace the menu, allowing guests to actually absorb all of the different sections and menu items easily. This format also allowed for significantly more space and a much more reasonable font size for an end product that is vastly more legible.

Restaurant Branding Challenge

It might seem like a small thing but the menu seriously impacts the dining experience of guests. The menu is an important part of carrying the brand through that dining experience. You certainly don’t walk into a high-end restaurant expecting laminated menus. So the design, printing and execution all have to align with the brand.

After a recent rebrand, it was important that the new menu design reflect the Blackwall Hitch Restaurant brand. New brand elements are featured on the front and back covers, carrying through the unique selling proposition. With a local, executive chef and a seasonally inspired menu, it was also important to show the fresh ingredients being featured throughout the dishes.


Blackwall Hitch Menu Blackwall Hitch Menu Design

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