A Day in the Life of a Web Designer/ Developer

I believe everyone in this world has a gift. We develop these gifts over time and over time we get better. My gift is that I specialize in Web Development for The Cyphers Agency.

A typical day consists of working on many projects for clients including front-end and back-end webpage development, creating cutting edge online creative advertisements, and strategizing a design plan to help accomplish client’s objectives.


My journey into Web Development started at age eleven. My friends and I began using pre-made templates to create fan sites for video games we played at the time. I was fascinated by the idea of being able to produce a website and see it live on the web!

While working with pre-made templates, I dissected them and learned how to build my own. In the process I learned HTML, CSS, and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, etc.).

To this day, I have over eight professional years in Web Development. Below is a glimpse into a normal day for me.

Bright and early in the morning, I check the latest news and scoops from other leading Web Designers and Developers. The key to being a successful Web Developer is to stay up-to-date on modern trends and technologies.


At around eleven, I drink my favorite FitAID active recovery drink. It taste so good, they’re Paleo friendly, and my craving for soda is ALMOST completely gone.


For most of the day, I can be found behind my workstation coding away for hours on end.


My go-to lunch spot is Chipotle. I cannot get enough of it.


After a long day of work, it’s time to go to CrossFit. I fell in love with CrossFit a few years back. It’s my way of releasing stress and washing away all my worries in the world. PLUS, I have a fun time doing it!

The community is amazing and you make a lot of great friends in the process.


Besides, what is all work with no play? right???


Brandon dancing

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