Leveraging Testimonials for Educational Institutions

Testimonials are a wonderful way for businesses to highlight the experience they can provide their customers. Educational institutions can also make use of feedback from students and alumni to help further awareness and enrollment in their institutions. Take a look at three ways to repurpose testimonials for your educational institution below.  


Whether your campaign has the goal of enrollment, student retention or even celebrating an accomplishment of the institution, testimonials can be a truly authentic way to get your message across. Connect with the student/alumni providing the testimonial and ask for additional information and a photo to enhance your post. Consider a call to action asking for readers to share their own stories. This is a great way to help refine and encourage engagement with your campaign. 

Leveraging testimonials on your website

Service Awareness  

Does your institution offer a unique scholarship program or student services that would make you stand out? Reach out to students who have benefited from your services and ask for their experience. Not only does this share the information about your offer but it also gives a real-world example of how they improved a student’s experience. Consumers react well to word-of-mouth. By incorporating testimonials into your social media strategy and digital advertising you are helping facilitate that word-of-mouth encouragement. 

Foster Community  

Are you a commuter school or perhaps just want to improve school spirit? Testimonials can inspire a sense of community online. Hearing of other students’ involvement in school groups, success stories, or how the school is helping them reach their goals can inspire individuals already enrolled to share positive experiences with your school.  

If you do not already have a pipeline of testimonials coming in, consider starting and be sure to take them beyond just posting them! Keep your campaign objectives in mind and incorporate them into your social and digital strategy for a strong connection with potential and current students.

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