Keys to Client Success as an Account Manager

An ad agency account manager achieves success for their clients using many different skills and strategies. While they act as the key contacts, as well as the client’s business model / industry experts, it is also their duty to nurture and maintain mutually beneficial relationships by ensuring the agency’s internal teams are producing their best work based on the client’s marketing goals. Therefore, here are a few useful tips for account managers to gain continued success for their clients:

Become the Subject Matter Expert

Understanding the industry your client works in, as well as what makes them unique as a company with aspects like culture, objectives / values, and brand personality, is very important for account managers to acquire and maintain. The more knowledge you have about the client and what goals they are trying to achieve, the more you will be able to customize the agency’s services to meet their specific needs and drive continued client satisfaction.

Understand the Competitive Market

Identifying and thoroughly researching your company’s key competitors, as well as their industry’s overall competitive landscape, is another important component of an account manager’s role in establishing client success. This information will help shape the marketing strategy of how to properly differentiate the client from competition and position them as leaders and experts in their space.

Lead with a Proactive Approach

Anticipating opportunities and planning actions ahead of time is another great way account managers can lead their client relationships. This type of management is also crucial once you gain understanding of potential problems or issues your client may face in the future since you will want to plan solutions and how to address them within your marketing initiatives ahead of time. 

Adapt to Necessary Change with Flexibility

Understanding that change is inevitable in any type of business is a significant part of an account manager’s job. Therefore, being able to adapt to those strategy shifts and continuing to be flexible will show your clients that you have their best interest in mind and are always using your time efficiently to work towards their goals. For example, account managers should analyze past industry trends before launching integrated campaigns, and then continue to monitor and make adjustments as needed, to ensure the best possible performance and return on investment for their clients.

Clients expect a certain level of results they are not able to obtain on their own when working with ad agencies, whether its general company awareness or more specific direct sales goals of their products and/or services. Therefore, is it critical for account managers to lead these working relationships to deliver positive experiences and ultimately success for their clients.

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