Leveraging PR Hits on Social Media

Whether you are working with a PR team or managing PR and social media yourself, there is a clear relationship between the two as it relates to creating content. Let’s dive into how you can best leverage PR hits and placements for a number of purposes on social media. 

Sharing Current Studies/ News 

Using PR placements as fodder for social media content is a huge asset to trade associations. Take the below example from our client Grain Foods Foundation. In promoting their Consensus Statement about the importance of grains as part of a healthy diet they  used that key message to inform other dietary and health recommendations. Not only was the Grain Foods Foundation’s key message promoted in the article on OpenFit, but we repurposed it for social content to further promote the messaging.

Thought Leadership

Similarly, trade associations can use the relationship between PR hits and social media to establish association members as thought leaders. Here is another example from the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF). Pam Cureton, RD, LDN and members of the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board lended her expertise for an article on All Recipes. Cureton’s feature showed off her industry know-how and a glimpse into the knowledgeable team of the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board. Once the article went live, it hit the social channels to further promote GFF, the Scientific Advisory Board and Cureton herself.

Promotion of new offering

A more traditional and rather obvious use for public relations is to get the word out about new offerings. Take this example from our client Blue Water, an outdoor hospitality management firm. When they added two new resorts to their Maryland portfolio, traditional PR was a sure fit. Taking it beyond the article in Woodall’s Campground Magazine, we used the news for a post on LinkedIn. This allowed the article to get more eyes on it even outside the audience of the magazine. When you take a PR hit and bring it to a social platform you are drastically increasing the amount of eyes on your company’s news which is helpful in particular for companies like Blue Water looking to get visitors at their various resorts. 

PR placement for BlueWater

Industry Trends

Aside from using PR to elevate your company, it can also be a great opportunity to connect with the broader industry. In another example from Blue Water, the CEO lends his thoughts on the RV industry and how it grew in popularity during COVID and will continue to do so as restrictions are lifted. Not only does this give readers the opportunity to learn more about RVing but it introduces them to a name and location where they can try it out! Sharing it on LinkedIn brought the article to more industry members and allowed for greater exposure of what Blue Water has to offer in the booming RV industry.

PR placement about RVing shared on LinkedIn

No matter your goal for promoting your PR hits, social media is an asset for further promotion and engagement that cannot be overlooked. Give these different avenues for PR placement sharing on social media a try for your company! 

If you would like help with your trade association marketing or public relations, feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of services like social media marketing, digital marketing & analytics, marketing & brand strategy, and more to small and large companies.

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