It’s Official: Word of Mouth Department Grows Again!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Danielle Ali has officially joined our ranks as a Social Media Coordinator here at The Cyphers Agency. She first joined us as an intern in August, sharing her experiences with you as she learned the ins and outs of the biz. She has made incredible progress over the past three months. So much, in fact, that we just couldn’t let her go!

As Social Media Coordinator, Danielle will be responsible for spreading the word about our clients. She will continue contributing to the Push-n-Pull department and will help enhance our general marketing efforts. We are continually impressed with her passion for the industry, eagerness to learn, creative thinking, and fun attitude and personality.

Account Coordinator Tessa Carroll says…

“She brings talent, great ideas, and tons of Diet Coke to the Cyphers Team!”

Account Executive Julianna Wittig says…

“My heart swells for Danielle because her motivation never falters.   For instance, at the end of a hard working day she has the initiative to go home and bake pumpkin muffins to share with everyone the next day!  Yummmm.”

Production Director Danielle Reigle says…

“Her sweet and quirky personality always puts me in a better mood.”

Account Executive Anna Forbes says…

“I knew from the start that Danielle would fit in perfectly becuase she isn’t afraid to be herself – fun, goofy, honest, smart, and creative. She’s a great contributor to our atmosphere as well as the work we do. She’s not afraid to speak up and share her ideas in planning phases but she’s just as good on the execution side. She has an impressive knack for establishing and maintaining a strategic voice in all phases of engagement. She’s talented but she doesn’t have an ego – what more could we ask for?!”

So again, we welcome you to our team. We look forward to working with you, and can’t wait to see what the upcoming year brings for the Push-n-Pull department.

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