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Word of Mouth Team Gains Another: Welcome, Danielle!

Word of Mouth Team Gains Another: Welcome, Danielle!

The Cyphers Agency is proud to announce the addition of Danielle Destrade Ali to the Word of Mouth Department. She will bring support on the WOM front, which includes responsibilities like content management, blogging, internet research, contests, events, flashmobs, or anything else cool we think up!

Danielle is originally from Tennessee, but joins us from Missouri. There, she attended the University of Missouri School of Journalism, which is the world’s first journalism school (and she won’t let you forget it either). She majored in Convergence Journalism, which studies new media and Web 2.0. She digs sushi, Friday Night Lights, Oprah (her ultimate idol), and Diet Coke (she has two before lunch). She is also learning to drink coffee and be a better cook.

Welcome, Danielle! We look forward to working with you. Can’t wait to see what she is up to? Check out what she has to say over on Twitter.

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