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Everyone has a favorite social media platform. It’s their go-to when they have an extra 2 minutes of their day that’s unoccupied. Whether you’re scrolling through photos, catching up on the news or checking on recent job postings, something leads your thumb to that particular icon. What if there was a platform that incorporated the best elements of each popular platform? Introducing LifeLine, the Frankenstein of social media that tailors your favorite part of each platform. No, LifeLine isn’t real, but what if it was? What would your perfect social media network entail?

Here are the elements of current platforms we would pull together to create our LifeLine, the perfect social network:


The ability to post information from outside sources on social media has become a pillar in how we obtain and share news, opinions and cultural trends. It allows users to formulate an online persona that can either align with real life or give them a space to project other ideas. Whether we use this ability for good or evil, it has become a staple way to communicate with family, friends and way beyond. Facebook’s capability to react (not just like) and comment on links is what makes it part of our LifeLine.


Facebook’s and Twitter’s newsfeeds can be overwhelming and text-heavy. Instagram leads with imagery. Allowing the media asset to grab your attention and then work your way to the text and possibly a link is a more appealing approach. It also allows the viewer to create an instant opinion about the image before considering the copy included in the post. LifeLine would align with Instagram’s newsfeed layout, but you’ll also have the ability to include a link to outside websites in the caption.


The cool kids are all about the social network Snapchat. Although Instagram and Facebook incorporated the Stories feature that contains content with an expiration, the silly photo, video and geography filters are what still sets Snapchat apart. We would include this fun and engaging enhancement in LifeLine for posting Stories and to our page.


Establishing itself as the medium for trending topics is what has recategorized Twitter from “Social Networking” to the “News” section of the App Store. Although a love-hate relationship has developed between most users and the platform, it’s become a viable news and culture outlet. LifeLine would have the same reputation for generating real-time conversations and encourage the use of hashtags to aggregate the topics.


Companies have made their presence known on social media platforms alongside the average user. Sales and promotions have taken the top bill on most social platforms, but LinkedIn has created a productive space for employment opportunities that reigns supreme. With LifeLine, you would have a quality job searching tab within your favorite products and companies that you love to follow.

Creating the perfect integration of the major social media networks is all fun and games, but it’s interesting to see how the platforms have transformed to suit the users’ wants and needs. Instagram incorporated Snapchat favorites, and Facebook business pages have a tab for employment opportunities. There’s still endless room for growth, but one day we might have the perfect social media community… or at least an agency can dream.

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