Top 5 Reasons a Restaurant Should Hire an Ad Agency

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The restaurant industry is grueling, unpredictable, and yet extremely rewarding for successful chefs and restaurateurs. The end product that comes from all the hard work shouldn’t fall short because of a lack of marketing. Most recently, customers turn to social media to discover, follow and engage with their favorite local establishments. For those managing the day-to-day restaurant operations, coordinating marketing professionals with various specialties just adds to the chaos.

Consider hiring a full-service ad agency to manage your restaurant marketing needs in the digital landscape based on these top 5 ways you’ll get the most out of your marketing budget.

  1. Party of… a whole team. Marketing is often an area that suffers due to budget restrictions. When going the agency route, you’re often getting a team of creative brains for a similar budget of hiring an individual. Agency life also caters to team brainstorming where creative minds from various departments bounce around ideas. This collaboration enriches the digital strategy since the thoughts are coming from marketing professionals and potential customers.
  2. One look, all locations. Each restaurant location may tweak its content to appeal to its local crowd, but overall it’s key to have a uniform, branded look. By allowing an agency to oversee the content for all of the locations, a stronger sense of continuity can shine through on all of the social media accounts. Errors in scheduling and aligning a branded front are eliminated when an agency has a sense of the restaurant’s full social media landscape.
  3. Big picture. Restaurants are great at creating delicious menus and a comfortable ambiance for their patrons. While those running the dining establishment are focused on perfecting the overall experience, an ad agency is in a unique position to test marketing strategies by staying on top of industry advertising trends. The agency’s team also taps into conversations on social media and cultivates a dialogue with current and potential customers.
  4. Under one roof. Say goodbye to managing freelancers! Another benefit of a full-service agency is access to a design team. Whether it’s making updates to the website, developing graphics for an event or new menu item, or shooting a promo video for a location opening, the creatives are readily available and collaborate with the digital team on the specifications and messaging.
  5. Public relations integration. Media hits can take your restaurant to the next level with all of the tough competition currently in the food industry. You don’t want to be the last to know when you’re featured in the press! An agency’s PR department works closely with the social media team to create a seamless integration. As soon as the news hits the wire, the PR team receives an alert and before you know it, the news is pushed out on the restaurant’s social media accounts.

Choose the right full-service agency for your social media needs to take your digital presence to the next level! Let a team of creative minds develop a strategy that enhances your restaurant’s brand through visually appealing assets, collaboration and digital marketing expertise.

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