Developing a Strategy for Using an Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer marketing platforms are a huge asset for brands small and large looking to launch an influencer campaign. Many are built to be a one-stop shop for all of your campaign needs from start to finish. Whether you plan to use every feature or use a platform for a targeted insight, it’s a great tool to have. Check out these three main strategy components that an influencer marketing platform can help achieve. 

Influencer Search 

Probably the most popular reason for seeking a platform, conducting an influencer search is an essential first step. Most of the platforms out there allow you to really refine your searches by location, social media platform, keyword, followers and even engagement rate! Take a look at your brand and assess which keywords you want to be represented through the influencers you select. Understanding your campaign objectives is also a huge part in curating your influencer outreach list. Do you want to find accounts that get a lot of likes or are you looking for substance in the comments section that shows a true interest in what the influencer has to say? Each of these will help you refine the list of what could be thousands of influencers, down to a manageable list for you to reach out to. 

Audience Information 

Before you call it a day with your list of influencers, make sure you are using the platform to take a look into their audience. Is their following largely female but you’re interested in sharing a male centric product? You may also be given a breakdown of their audience by age and location. These demographics are important to know when selecting an influencer. Why pay them to promote your brand’s product to an audience that is on the wrong side of the country or half the desired age of your target audience? Some platforms will even give you a percentage of how ‘real’ the audience is- don’t overlook this!


After leveraging the search feature on an influencer marketing platform, you can move on to the more logistical aspects. Does the platform you selected provide contact information for the influencer? Are you able to begin communicating with the influencer through the platform? Some platforms will be more built out and have an entire workflow set up from initial conversations and sharing of a campaign brief, to content review, to metrics. Others will merely provide the contact information for the influencer. No matter which level of management is offered, having the initial information about an influencer is a great way to start campaign outreach. 

Cultivating an influencer marketing strategy will not happen overnight. It takes time and can vary by campaign objective. Utilizing influencer marketing platforms helps streamline the process and avoid hours of manual searching via the internet for the information you need. 

If you would like help with influencer marketing, feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of services like digital marketing & analytics, marketing & brand strategy, and more to small and large companies.

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