Customize Your Zoom Backgrounds in Your Office Away from Office

Customize Your Zoom Backgrounds in Your Office Away from Office

Since remote work has become mandatory, Zoom, a video conferencing service, has seen a significant increase in usage. The active mobile users in March were 151% higher on average from a year earlier, according to Apptopia. As companies and employees everywhere make the shift to digital, there’s no better time than now to customize and enhance the online meeting experience with branded Zoom backgrounds. 

As an innovative agency that appreciates appealing aesthetics, we provided our clients sleek and on-brand Zoom backgrounds to help enhance their virtual meeting experiences. Clients can apply this background during their external and various team video meetings. Since the background files are easy to share, all of their employees can enjoy this digital enhancement that helps boost morale and enforce virtual unity. Not only does it provide a professional backdrop, but a static background can keep distractions at bay. 

Here are a few of our favorites:


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