5 Top Association Trends in 2020

trade association trends

As we move into a new decade, many associations are reflecting on what has attracted and benefited members over the last few years and what didn’t. The common goal that most associations are working to build is a more inclusive membership experience for all types of members. As we move into 2020, here are a handful of trade association trends you should focus on. 

Interact with Members

Associations have worked hard to embrace technology: text campaigns, virtual meetings, e-newsletters, etc. But did the technology pendulum swing too far in the opposite direction to where human interaction is becoming extinct. Finding the balance to embrace technology and incorporating strategies to build solid staff/member relations will be essential.

Engage Members

Find innovative ways to engage members in association programs and activities – create mentorship programs, ask for member-generated blog content, host live streams where members can ask questions for an expert member to answer. 

Be Accessible

There is an increasing push for all companies and organizations to take steps to be more accessible for people with visual, audio or physical impairment. By following these simple changes in your communications, you make your association more accessible. 

  • Add descriptive alt text tags to all images, which will allow people with limited vision to have a description of the picture.
  • Enable captioning on videos.
  • Limit your use of emojis, since automated text readers may confusingly interpret them
  • When choosing fonts, stick to size 12 or larger, and use sans serif fonts like Arial and Calibri. 
  • Be aware of how your color schemes might be seen by those who are colorblind.

Enhance Members’ Event Experience

Members are expecting more than the same old traditional conference — they want to feel engaged and excited to attend. Consider making event sessions more interactive where attendees can brainstorm and solve common problems or liven the atmosphere by incorporating art and music through the conference center, in between sessions and at registration.

Focus on Data Privacy

This is a MUST! As associations grow and want to collect more personal information about their members, they can’t afford not to protect their member data. It is important for members to know that their data is protected and equally important for associations to collect this data for personalized member communications.  2020 is the year to invest in cutting edge data security.

In summary, there is a greater need for members to connect with each other. Improving your association’s accessibility, humanizing your communications, and making sure member data is protected by focusing on these trade association trends for 2020.

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