CROSS PROMOTION AMONG YOUR BRANDS: Baltimore Raven’s Purple Friday Fuel Up Event at Reckless Shepherd Brewery

Cross-promotion is a strategic collaboration tactic aimed at identifying opportunities to amplify brand visibility and engagement across various platforms. It involves leveraging the strengths of multiple brands to enhance overall appeal and reach broader audiences to help elevate mutual value propositions.

Let’s examine a recent event as a case study in effective cross-promotion:

In late January of this year, Reckless Shepherd Brewery had the privilege of hosting the Baltimore Raven’s Purple Friday Fuel Up Party, a prestigious event held in only four cities, including Baltimore, to celebrate the AFC Championship contenders. With approximately 800 attendees by early morning, the event garnered significant attention.

Guests were treated to a vibrant atmosphere featuring live broadcasts by 98 Rock, a complimentary brunch buffet, and appearances by Ravens’ personalities, including the mascot Poe, the cheerleading squad, and notable retired players. The event received extensive coverage from local news outlets like WBAL and Fox Baltimore, as well as major national exposure through the Today Show.

Cross-promotion played a pivotal role in maximizing event attendance and engagement. Collaborating with the brewery’s partner establishments, Frisco Columbia and Frisco Crofton, Reckless Shepherd orchestrated a cohesive social media campaign with posts on all establishment’s platforms to broaden awareness across diverse audience segments.

Furthermore, strategic alignment with 98 Rock, a prominent media partner and main host of the event alongside Reckless, further amplified promotional efforts. By leveraging the radio station’s extensive reach, one of Reckless Shepherd’s owners, Chris, made a memorable appearance on the morning show, showcasing the event’s offerings and highlighting the brewery’s unique appeal in general.

The synergistic collaboration across multiple brands and media platforms not only drove event attendance but also fostered sustained interest in Reckless Shepherd Brewery beyond the event. This successful cross-promotional strategy underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in enhancing brand visibility and community engagement.

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