Behind the Scenes: Kids Comic Strip Development

I’ll admit it; I’m having WAY too much fun working with JumpBunch on their new mascot, JB. Not only is he a spot-on, strategic mascot for the children’s sports and fitness brand, but he’s super cute! Now that the mascot development is complete, we’ve been able to start working on some more fun projects leveraging the new mascot. One of which is a comic strip series, staring JB. The comic strips will use the mascot and his friends to help encourage kids to live happy, healthy lives by staying active, eating well, and having good hygiene habits.

The process to develop a custom comic strip is pretty cool. Here’s how it works:

The Script

Comic strip script

We work through a strategic process (yes there’s a strategy even in this kids comic strip) to determine the theme/message, we brainstorm the storyline and draft the copy. We do plenty of copy-editing to make sure the lines are written the way kids would actually talk. After all, we’re aiming at 3-6-year-olds here.

The Rough Sketch

The illustrator takes a first pass at the frames based on the script. The goal here is just to get a general idea of the layout and what elements will be in each frame. It allows us to see any potential changes we need to make before the next phase.
JumpBunch Comic Strip Rough Layout

The Final Version

Once the sketch phase is approved, the illustrator digitized outlines and colors the strip. And voila, the final comic strip is ready!

JumpBunch Comic Strip

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