Audience Segmentation Best Practices

Email campaigns can be a key component to integrated marketing when done right, but without the proper strategy, they can fall flat. One key email marketing strategy is to focus on audience segmentation, which can increase your brand’s conversion rates by catering to your audience’s preference and interests.There are a number of ways to boost your next email campaign, but you’ll want to begin with a precise strategy to increase engagement and enhance visibility. To build the most effective strategy, your plan should always begin with your target audience. Collecting data and understanding your audience is key, so that you can build a plan that caters to your target audience. A few best practices to segment your audience are:

1.Collecting Your Data – Making sure you have software that allows you to segment your audience effectively and collect data will set you up for success. You’ll want to focus on capturing everything you can from geography to demographics to previous engagement (opens, clicks, etc.), but the most critical data will depend on your brand and product or service.

2.Page-Level Targeting- This method allows you to personalize your brand’s content and links subscribers to specific pages on your website based on the data you’ve gathered. Page Leveling can involve many things, but the three main components to keep in mind are understanding your audience, identify the best page on your website to link your content for specific subsets of your audience, and designing lead capture and/or call to action components on the page.

3.Lead Magnets- This strategy is a great way to convince consumers to sign up for your brand’s email list. Usually this involves presenting your target audience with an offer or incentive to do so. The lead magnet should be something that evokes an emotional reaction and makes the consumer feel that providing their email adds value. A call to action is just the start to making sure your email stands out, but sometimes a great call to action, might not always guarantee the best results. The power of lead magnets can make all the difference in your next email campaign and allow you to build a relationship with your target audience.

Once you start capturing data you can really take your email strategy to the next level with audience segmentation strategies to reach your branding goals.

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