5 Things to Keep in Mind When Running an Influencer Campaign

If you’re even remotely involved in the marketing and advertising world you’ve heard of influencers. Whether you’re familiar with the approach, have worked with some or if you are one, there’s a lot to be said about the success they can bring to a brand. While the concept of influencer campaigns may seem simple, we’re here to remind you that they are anything but. Here are 5 tips for running influencer campaigns.

High Number of Followers Does Not Equal Greater Success

When researching potential influencers, it’s important that you dig deeper than just looking at the number of followers. Micro and nano- influencers are having a moment in the advertising world and for good reason! These smaller-scale audiences have a deeper connection with the creator and in most cases, an increased level of trust that makes them incredible spokespeople for your brand. When vetting a potential partner, it’s important to go through their posts or ask for their engagement numbers if you’re already in contact! You want to see the exchanges they have with their followers and the quality of those exchanges. This could be the difference between a user stopping and reading the caption and a user asking the influencer questions about the brand which then leads to a conversion.

Not all Influencers Will Be Interested

Just because they have an online presence does not mean they are interested in partnering with a brand. This fact can often be overlooked by brands; I mean who wouldn’t want the chance to get free products or make money just by posting on Instagram? There are users out there that post for the fun of it, or to build a community in which they can be a part of, it’s important to do enough research to get a sense of who the account holder is before pitching to them.

Some Products Aren’t Great for Influencer Campaigns


Know. Your. Product. It may seem obvious, but with influencer marketing being a buzzword for marketing right now some brands may jump in before really evaluating their goals and capabilities. Some products will just fall flat in an influencer campaign. Our recommendation would be if you wouldn’t want to talk to your coworker about needing, owning, wanting, etc. a certain product, the chances of finding someone to share it with thousands-millions of people will be slim. Know your brand and your product.

Over Communicate Your Expectations

Don’t let the excitement of finding an influencer that matches your product and brand get in the way of the business side. Have a contract, communicate your expectations, goals, projected ROI, etc. To get the most out of an influencer campaign, both the marketing team and the influencer need to have an idea of what to expect from each other and the ability to hold them accountable if either side should slack on responsibilities.

Do Your Research

Before you even reach out to an influencer you need to establish some standards. How many followers are you aiming for? How much interaction do you want to see in the comments? Are they representing other brands? Are they representing similar products or related products? Have they partnered with brands before? Do they seem like the type to even want to partner? All of these questions and more will help you narrow the possibilities down to influencers that will truly be a champion for your brand.

So there you have it, 5 of our most important things to remember when we embark on an influencer campaign! Check out our other blog posts to learn more about influencer campaigns!  

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