5 Marketing Trends We’re Excited To Embrace in 2024

It’s that time of year – everyone is making their predictions for 2024 marketing trends. We’ve been feeling the shifts in our own strategy and planning sessions and so we decided to find out the trends our team is most excited to embrace in the coming year.

Video, Video and more Video – “While video is not new, I do see us starting to plan for it more and more across the board as opposed to special projects. Everything from more short form video content in social, to video ad placements, to video in email, etc.” – Darren Easton, Creative Director & Vice President

Using AI for Streamlined Community Management – “While we can’t rely on AI for developing the level of custom responses we need in most social media communities, we do love the idea of leveraging it to distribute real-time responses using pre-approved verbiage in more basic Q&A scenarios. Automating low level community management tasks will free up our team for more critical scenarios. ”- Bridget Meyers, Digital Marketing Director

Blurring the PR Lines – “I keep saying 2024 will be the year of LinkedIn for our clients. While we’ll still use tried and true public relations tools and outreach, we’re planning to squeeze every drop out of those efforts with LinkedIn for resharing wins and announcements, developing thought leadership campaigns, creating stronger social media integration and repurposing key content.” -Jacq Miller, PR Director

Bringing Augmented Reality to the Corporate World – “It’s been the year of AI and augmented reality for big brands in the retail space. But it can feel out of reach for corporate brands and the B2B space. I’m looking forward to a next level trade show season in 2024 with some cool applications for augmented reality experiences.” – Danielle Reigle, Senior Account Executive

Using Data Analytics to Optimize Campaigns – “I’m excited about embracing the constantly improving data technology to improve our digital campaigns with hyper personalized elements and improved conversions using more and more data points available to us.” – Dave Cyphers, President & Owner

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