4 Tips for Managing Your ‘Link in Bio’ on Instagram

Utilizing a ‘link in bio’ management platform for your Instagram account is a great tool that can elevate and enhance your Instagram presence. A link in your bio can be used to provide visitors to your page with additional information about your business, a link to current promotions or your online store, and other helpful resources. Check out these four tips for using a link in bio to its full potential. 

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  1. Improve Posts 

Instagram is a great resource for brands looking to promote their content, but it can be limiting when it comes to text. Many users look at the photo or video and then continue scrolling without taking the time to read a long caption. If you need to get information out to your Instagram audience, create shorter captions with a call to action to visit the link in your bio for more information, booking, reservations, to shop, view a menu, etc. By using different “link in bio” management platforms such as Linktree, Later, and Lnk.Bio, you can avoid adding a clunky, non-clickable link to your caption and easily direct users to convenient and important information. 

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2. Use it as an FAQ

Instagram and most social media users instantaneously want the information they’re looking for. Adding a link in bio that has a dedicated FAQ, contact information and locations (if applicable) is a great way to give them what they need. Take Nobu for example, visiting their link brings you to a screen with individual links for each of their restaurants by location. The information is easily accessible and you don’t have to leave the app. 

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3. Use it for further brand promotion

If you’re familiar with social media marketing, you know of the coveted “swipe up” feature in Instagram Stories. Pages must have over 10,000 followers to receive the feature. If your brand or page has not hit that milestone yet, using a link in bio platform is a great work around! Just add the call to action “click the link in our bio” and tag your page in the Stories so viewers can easily navigate to your page. A link in bio platform is also another great place to host information about current campaigns you’re running, deals, or contests. Simply create a section and let your users know all the information they need is right there. 

4. Show brand personality/relevant info 

Many link in bio management platforms allow you to customize the appearance of your links. Whether you are using the same images as your feed or brand colors with wording, this level of personalization will help viewers familiarize themselves with your brand, services, products and so on. This is also a great location to keep a link to your blog! Promoting blog posts with feed posts or Stories is a great way to boost traffic. If you’re taking this route, make sure your blog homepage will display the most recent blog post so users can immediately see what they were looking for. 

While this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the possibilities a well-thought out and managed link in bio can bring your Instagram, it is a great start to boosting your brand’s presence on one of the most popular social media platforms. 

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