What type of YouTube ads are right for your financial organization?

Chesapeake Supportive Care YouTube Ad

YouTube ads are a great tool to use in order to optimize your presence on the platform. With so many different options, YouTube makes it easy to select an ad type that fits your overall advertising objectives. As a financial organization, you might be looking to place specific ads in certain areas and that’s where YouTube comes into play to make sure your ad is in the ideal place for your campaign. 

Before you choose your ad type, it’s essential your organization determines what the advertising objective is. Is it growing brand awareness? Influencing the buying decision or sales numbers? Or are you looking to increase brand loyalty with your customers? Make sure you have a solid objective in mind before you start choosing an ad type. Now let’s dive into what YouTube ads are right for your financial organization!

TrueView ads:

This type of ad can be as long as 6 minutes or as short as 12 seconds and allows the viewer to have more control over the ad they see. Viewers can skip the ads they don’t care for and watch the ones they might be more interested in leaving you with an audience that might actually buy your products or financial services. This ad format is also budget-friendly since you’ll only pay for the ad if the user watches it for at least 30 seconds or engages with it.

Bumper ads:

Bumper ads are short and can be up to 6 seconds long. Since viewers can’t skip these ads, it’s a great chance for your organization to get creative and make the most out of those 6 seconds. Utilize these ads for fun campaigns that will pique the interest of your audience encouraging them to learn more about your services.

Overlay ads:

If your organization is looking for a way to show off your logo or brand slogan, an overlay ad is a great place to do that. These YouTube ads are shown on the lower 20% portion of the video the user is watching. They are also extremely simple and are ideal for an image or text. 

Display ads:

Display ads can be found in the right-hand sidebar above the suggested videos list. These are very common ads and remain one of the simplest. Keep in mind these ads are only shown on desktop and laptop computers. So if your audience is coming from desktop computers, this ad format is definitely one you should consider.

Pre-roll ads:

These ads appear right before a YouTube video begins and include a countdown that allows the user to skip the ad after 5 seconds. There’s also a call to action button on the bottom left that can lead the viewer to a website or product page. While pre-roll ads can be deemed as “annoying” or “disruptive”, if you use them the right way, you could provide entertainment to someone who otherwise might not know anything about your organization. Pre-roll ads are also perfect for raising brand awareness and increasing lead generation efforts. 

Before you hit publish on your next YouTube ad, make sure you’re using the right ad type and are following your campaign objectives. Youtube is a perfect place to reach your organization’s ideal audience through effective and strategic advertising, so give it a shot!

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