What Makes an Effective Logo/Brand for an Elective Medical Service

Trust. The first thought consumers subconsciously have when coming across any brand. When patients come across a medical or hospital logo and branding, it’s important to elicit that immediate response. 

An effective logo

In order for a logo to be effective, take into consideration, logo mark, colors, and typeface. While logo marks are not necessarily mandatory in a logo, it provides an effective way to simplify your logo and be able to just use the logo mark in for example, a favicon. Well known brands that have a logo mark, or rely solely on it are: Spotify, Apple, and Instagram.

Colors are also strategically selected to build trust in consumers. Research suggests the colors red and yellow create happiness, desire, and love. Therefore many fast food chains include these colors in their branding. Blue hues tend to give off a more welcoming/friendly vibe. Therefore many social media and connection platforms tend to use blues in their branding. 

Typefaces are also quite important when selecting which to use for your logo and branding. There are fonts that convey more serious tones, and ones that are more bouncy and jovial. Being mindful of what tones fonts give off is the first step to deciding which typeface works most effectively for your brand.

Effective branding

In order to build trust in patients, your elective medical branding must represent the patient experience. What would they get out of using your services? As a patient, there are numerous factors that are important when selecting a medical practice. These range from access, availability, to word of mouth. But before these filters, what patients see first is visuals. Logos. Websites. Advertisements. All of these must be cohesive in order to create trust, and effectiveness in brand messaging.

Utilizing proper colors and typefaces, build your brand messaging that portrays the point of your medical services and practice across. It’s imperative to connect with potential patients and their needs. Your practice’s success relies very heavily on the patients perspective. Your medical branding is more than just a logo or tagline. It’s the consistent use of colors, text, images, and messaging behind it all. What separates you from any other elective medical practice? What is your goal, and how do you relate to patients?

Take all the answers to these questions and apply them to your website, your campaigns, and everything your use to share your mission. Consistency is key. Be professional in your selections, and make sure you can connect with consumers and potential patients.

If you would like help with branding or logo design, feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of services like digital marketing & analytics, marketing & brand strategy, and more to small and large companies.

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