Turn Heads and Create Buzz With Ambient Media

Ever see the advertisements on steps at a DC Metro Station? What about advertisements on the fronts of elevator doors? Non-traditional, out-of-home media such as the ones on steps and elevators doors are called “ambient media.” The above examples are only two examples of ambient media. If you look at the slide show below, you’ll see some of the most attention-grabbing, highly creative examples of ambient media.

Ambient Media is ALIVE!

When would you use ambient media? When you have a product or service that really needs some attention, and newspaper, TV and online ads just aren’t going to cut it–ambient media may be the answer.  Sometimes all it takes is a few imaginative displays in a high-traffic areas to get some buzz. Seriously, could anyone actually ignore this giant BBC microphone? Giant Ambient Microphone Advertisement There’s an added bonus to using ambient media. Everyone who walks past displays such as the one above, will probably stop and look. Many of them will take pictures with their camera phones or digital cameras. Then, they’ll share with their friends via social networks. Their friends will pass it on to even more people. See what I’m getting at? In addition to catching the attention of all the people who see it first-hand, ambient media has huge word of mouth potential. While traditional advertisements have their value, sometimes a product is just begging to be introduced to the world in a non-traditional way. Check out our post on the “Give Personal This Year” ambient campaign we did for Appalachian Spring last year.

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