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Christina Drews-Leonard

Christina Drews-Leonard

As an art director and search engine strategist at The Cyphers Agency for over 15 years, Christina seeks to amplify your brand and focuses on enhancing your brand's message on the internet and in other media. website launches
Have you ever received a really bad gift? The kind of gift that is WAY too personal and makes you cringe when you open it? You try to keep a happy expression on your face so you don’t offend the person who gave you the gift, but, what were they thinking?! That’s the idea behind our new campaign for Appalachian Spring. When you get a horrendous personal gift such as a nose hair trimmer from your significant other then you need to send her/him to Appalachian Spring for a different kind of personal gift. Give personal this year with the unique, thoughtful and beautiful gifts you will find at Appalachian Spring.

Outdoor ad campaign for Appalachian Spring by The Cyphers Agency

This week we launched a new website, with an ambient campaign including transit, wildpostings, emails and more to help people give better gifts this holiday season. There is also a contest where you can win a $500 gift certificate by telling Appalachian Spring your “too personal” gift story. Check it out!
We’ve got an entire storeful of way better “personal” gift ideas

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