There’s a Fiesta in my Pants and you’re Invited

There’s a Fiesta in my Pants and you’re Invited

ford fiesta movement

Ok, so there may not be a Fiesta in my pants, but there may be one in my future. Ford and digital think tank, Undercurrent, have recently launched the Fiesta Movement. Ford will be giving away new Ford Fiestas for six months to 100 drivers complete with free gas, insurance, parking, and concierge services. All you’ve got to do is upload a 2-5 minute video explaining why you should be chosen to participate in the Fiesta Movement, upload it to your YouTube account, add the tag “fiestamovement.” Check out some current entries here.

If you’re chosen to participate, you’ll be asked to complete monthy missions and document your activity the whole time via tweets, blogs, videos, picures, and any other way you can for public consumption. To enter, you’ll have to complete the full application by midnight March 23, 2009.

It seems many brands are moving their marketting efforts from more traditional avenues to opportunities to gain social capital. See also: The Best Job in the World and ATT Lost in America.

At The Cyphers Agency, we embrace opportunities like these. If you’d like to talk about how you can do things differently and get people talking about your brand, give us a call, we’d love to talk to you.

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