The Value of Having a Public Relations Team at Your Event

So many facets of marketing have become virtual, but there will always be value in meeting your target audience face-to-face. Holding events is a great way to showcase your brand to that audience by putting yourself right in front of them. Events can also be a great way to network, expand your reach, and garner press coverage. However, they can also be overwhelming and time-consuming, such that you aren’t always able to manage the marketing onsite aspects of the event. This is where the presence of a public relations professional becomes essential. Having such support adds significant value in various crucial areas! 

Arranging On Site Media Interviews 

Reporters and photographers operate within tight timeframes, covering multiple events, and it’s possible that you may not be available to assist them in securing interviews during the brief periods they spend at your event. A public relations professional will have already been in contact with that reporter to coordinate what time they will be there, who they will speak with for quotes/interviews, and will have informed that person that the interview will take place. You are busy enough planning your event, you shouldn’t have to manage all of that just to get the press coverage you deserve!  

Getting Ahead of the Post-Event Narrative. 

When your public relations team sees the event happen in real time, they can set the tone for how it is recapped to the public. They can quickly set the narrative in a way that positively enforces your brand. Your public relations team can write a press release, media alert, or draft quotes that highlight the part of the event you want your target audience to know about the most. When they are the first to recap the event based on what they saw take place, other outlets will follow their lead. Once your public relations team has done the groundwork in pulling the key highlights, other outlets will use those same highlights, which gives you more control over how the event is described and how your target audience will see it written about in the press. 

Letting You Know What Works and Doesn’t Work 

Sometimes you need an outside perspective to tell you how well your event was received by your audience. Your public relations team may not have been as involved with planning the event in terms of booking the venue, scheduling guests/performers/speakers, or coordinating all the logistics, which makes them more objective in their assessment of what worked and what aspects could be done differently next time. They are on your side and want to see you succeed, and might notice certain details of the event that could have been handled differently to give you a better chance of success. 

Planning an event is hard work, and you should be able to devote all of your attention to making sure the details of your event run smoothly. Give your public relations team a chance to handle the interviews on site and set the narrative for how it is recapped to the press, so that you can give yourself the best possible chance to make the event a success. 

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