The Power of Brand Partnerships in 2022 

As brand partnerships continue to trend in 2022, so does the unique opportunity to collaborate and integrate each brands’ accompanying force of consumer loyalty, familiarity, and diverse markets while capitalizing on the power of a strategic alliance. In the second part of our series on thinking outside of the box with brand partnerships, we’re looking at how a few more brands are collaborating across their niche industries to prove the effectiveness of a win-win partnership. 

Fidelity and Morning Brew Brand Partnership

Fidelity x Morning Brew | Financial Institutions 

With a goal to connect with a young, smart, and dedicated audience, Fidelity launched a collaboration with the Morning Brew, a daily email newsletter that tackles everything its readers need to start their day. This partnership turned into the dedicated podcast Fresh Invest, serving as a new platform to discuss investment options and financial advice with some of the brightest minds in banking. Through this, Fidelity was able to reach their target audience who would have a new opportunity to bank and invest with them, while Morning Brew could launch an extended financial and audio-aspect to their loyal readership. Fresh Invest was met with great success and reception, and in turn, allowed for both brands to reach and broaden their audience markets while innovating their current offerings.  

Blue Water Development x Sun Outdoors | Hospitality Groups 

Although not the everyday partnership of brand and product, one hospitality brand teaming up with another is a strategic move that can have an enormous payoff when it comes to growth across new markets and consumer bases. In 2021, Blue Water Development partnered with Sun Outdoors on a handful of acquisitions to integrate their distinctive brand concepts and signature style of hospitality into one to create top-rated properties in destinations that travelers love. This collaboration allowed both to further expand their hospitality footprints, guest loyalty, innovative approaches to resorts and campgrounds, and optimize the blueprint for the true power of brand partnerships. 

With a variety of strategic tactics at your disposal, brand partnerships continue to reign supreme as one of the most effective strategies when it comes to building and expanding awareness for your brand in 2022. 

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