Thinking outside of the box with brand partnerships

In 2022, influencer marketing is everywhere. From TikTok to Instagram, and even Super Bowl ads, many brands have perfected the use of influencers to promote their products or services using a likeness that is familiar to the target consumer. As powerful as influencer marketing can be, there is a chance to think outside the box of influencers when it comes to promoting your brand and creating a strategic alliance – that’s where brand partnerships come into play. With this approach, brands or organizations can partner with each other and capitalize on shared consumer loyalty, familiarity, and the opportunity to build awareness in new markets. From this partnership and mix of identities, brands are then given the chance to have influencers represent them both following an initial campaign, doubling the overall effectiveness of the collaboration, and creating a win-win for everyone. Here’s our first look at how two distinct brands took on the win-win of partnerships in 2021. 

Peloton x Beyoncé x HBCUs | Educational Institutions 

Peloton teamed up with singer Beyoncé and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) for a 72-hour fitness phenomenon collaboration, offering 17 classes in various languages, the donation of Peloton bikes to HBCU fitness facilities, and two-year digital memberships for students to access fitness classes through the Peloton app. Through this multi-tier collaboration, each individual brand was able to utilize their unique value of product, service, or likeness and bring their specially tailored audience to help merge consumer bases and appeal, proving to be an exemplary partnership. 

Flexible Packaging x SoChatti | Trade Associations 

SoChatti chose a few brands to collaborate with throughout 2021, with flexible packaging being one of the new essential components in their push towards sustainable packaging options. With a focus on creating better-tasting chocolate from the use of their own technology and process, SoChatti’s new packaging process and partnership allowed for greater preservation and protection of the chocolate flavor while implementing new sustainable industry practices. This unique collaboration created an opportunity for SoChatti to meet emerging industry and consumer demands while creating a product that would invite new markets of chocolate-lovers and sustainability-focused consumers to purchase. The Flexible Packaging Association then amped up its partnership with SoChatti with an influencer partnership promoting the sustainable product across Instagram – reaching various audiences and building greater awareness for both brands.  

Regardless of which industry you serve, there is a unique opportunity to collaborate with another brand and integrate your individual identities, distinctive offerings, and audiences with a chance to build greater awareness through brand partnerships in 2022.  

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