Personal LinkedIn Profile Management Tips

LinkedIn is a great source for companies looking to connect with members of a certain industry. However, what many overlook is the power LinkedIn has for building your brand, important business connections and more! Check out our tips for maintaining your LinkedIn profile below.  

Make sure your profile is up to date  

LinkedIn 101 here…. Don’t let your profile become out of date! Aside from making sure that your place of work and title are current, you will also want to make sure your responsibilities are accurate, any new certifications are added, and other work successes are recorded. This is the digital resume that people will come to learn more about you and even more about your place of work. 

Get to know your connections  

If you’re looking to connect with others in your industry that you have six degrees of separation-type association with, message them with your connection request! Include in that message your mutual connection/industry/event/school/etc. so they can easily tell you’re not a sales pitch.  

Personal LinkedIn Profile Management Tips

Think outside your office.  

Similarly, don’t limit yourself to making connections with people you work with. If you are a part of an organization, volunteer with a charity, involved with your alma mater, all of these are great avenues to find new connections and expand your digital persona. Connecting with others in similar roles or like-minded individuals you come across in LinkedIn Groups is another great resource for building your digital rolodex.   

Don’t lurk  

We are all guilty of this to some extent but it’s important to engage on LinkedIn! There are many unique opportunities for connection whether it be commenting on and liking others’ posts, engaging in groups, or private messaging. Fostering relationships with your connections is essential, especially if you are looking to establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry.  

These are great initial steps for establishing your presence on LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to send the request, answer the message, or chime in on trending topics in groups to make connections.  

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