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The National Chicken Council Flexes its Word of Mouth Muscle

The National Chicken Council Flexes its Word of Mouth Muscle

The marketing environment has changed a lot since we started working with the National Chicken Council in 2001, to promote the consumption of chicken and get consumers excited about September as National Chicken Month. Over the past nine years, Cyphers has helped promote the brand with everything from national campaigns, to retail promotions, to updating and maximizing their web presence.

Each year we take a fresh look at the brand and the emerging marketing techniques and trends available to us. This year, with the creation of the new Push-n-Pull division we’ve had plenty of new, unique and effective word of mouth options to propose to the National Chicken Council.


Nine years ago we were organizing massive direct mail projects. Today, we’re organizing features on foodie blogs, making Twitter friends, and creating a very non-traditional approach to promoting September as National Chicken Month. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to create some buzz and make some waves for the National Chicken Council using the power of our Push-n-Pull division . To stay updated on all the fun things happening for the NCC this year, log on to Twitter and follow @ChickenFTW and check out in the coming months.

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