The Importance of Nostalgia in Your 2023 Campaigns

In the last few years, nostalgia marketing has seen a resurgence in popularity amongst consumers, bringing back some of the most sought-after products and branding elements of the 80s, 90s, and even early 2000s. During the pandemic, many spent their time at home catching up on old movies, sitcoms, and their once favorite board games, leading them to reminisce on the comfort of nostalgic times. In a study by the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers were found to actually prefer brands that provide a nostalgic feeling as it helps stir powerful emotions with pleasant memories, along with helping ease times of uncertainty. When it comes to your brand, this marketing technique is essential in creating a higher association or recall between you and your target audience. 

Nostalgia hits home for all audiences. 

One of the most powerful effects of nostalgia marketing is its ability to target all types of audiences. Whether it’s those who experienced it in real-time when the brand first came about, or those who have only discovered the brand through their latest campaign, nostalgia marketing grabs the interest of multiple audiences thanks to their interest in things that remind them of the past. For those that grew up with it, it’s a chance to remember a key piece of their childhood or upbringing, and for those who may be entirely new to it, it’s an opportunity to experience something that feels nostalgic of the past. As a brand, you can utilize this by incorporating specific branding elements familiar with this time, which will in turn bring the attention of a new audience and build off an emerging interest. 

Authenticity means comfort and familiarity. 

Nostalgia marketing helps provoke positive emotions amongst consumers, but it’s best done through a sense of authenticity. A recent study found that 67% of Gen Z’ers strongly value authenticity, and with the focus of today being on this action-oriented generation, it’s important to target with this in mind. Thanks to platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, authenticity and the idea of being “real” is more popular than ever, so brands must follow. This format, allows consumers to feel a part of the brand and its community, which helps transform them into active contributors as they share content and nostalgic memories with others. From a brand standpoint, you can work to incorporate this sense of community through engaging graphics, images, and unique captions that encourage a conversation amongst your audience, building your connection and greater brand recall. 

Knowing when to leverage it.  

The key to nostalgic marketing is knowing exactly when and how to use it. It’s imperative to look out for certain occasions where you can incorporate nostalgic elements and take advantage of the rising trend. Following the pandemic, many brands have found themselves wanting to make a splash through a rebrand, newly expanded offerings or business goals, or even a notable milestone. With something like a brand anniversary, you can rework your logo, brand colors, or even font style to tune into how far you’ve come – bringing back a familiar look to your audience while also subliminally noting how long you’ve been serving the industry for. Utilizing nostalgia, you can work to incorporate elements across each of these individual initiatives that expertly tie in and encourage a positive association for your audience.  

No matter your brand, nostalgia marketing can be incorporated in a variety of ways to target your audience through familiarity and comfort, creating a higher chance of recall and tapping into a new style of marketing.  

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