2023 Public Relations Trends to Pay Attention To

After 2020’s massive shake-up, followed by an unpredictable 2021 and economic uncertainties in 2022, PR professionals had to adapt, evolve, and pivot daily to keep up with the public relations trends and get our client’s coverage. As we move into 2023, here are our top three popular PR trends that seem to be shaping the industry! 

In-Person Interviews are Back  
Finally, the media and journalists are bringing back in-person interviews! This trend is one PR professionals ought to be excited about because face-to-face conversations are more personal and natural and allow for our client’s authentic voices to be heard. 

Many of us have gotten comfortable with the convenience of a virtual world, and this trend may take time to get used to. In-person interviews take up more time in our schedules and they require more preparation, but if you want to land quality coverage for your clients in 2023, start adjusting your calendars and your clients’ schedules now. A quick refresher course on some media training basics would be wise as well. 

In-person interviews are a trend we have already seen with our client, Annapolis Town Center. Between the end of December 2022 and January 2023, we have secured them a live morning show segment and a front cover story from an in-person interview.  

While phone calls and zoom may still be used when in-person interviews are difficult or impossible, we should expect in-person interviews to be standard.   

AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Technology   
The fast-growing capabilities of AI & Technology are quickly changing the way brands interact with their audiences, making this a trend you want to avoid sleeping on!  

For PR professionals, we see this technology dramatically improving our daily workflow. We are dreaming about how the potential capabilities of AI could instantly match our clients with editors based on their past articles or find influencers that perfectly align with their brand. All of this means more personalized coverage for your clients, increasing your pitching effectiveness, and helping better tailor your copy to the beat and styles of the journalist you work with.   

While there is still so much to learn and discover with AI & technology, we can’t wait to see how it changes the PR landscape!  

Digital Marketing & PR   
The lines between digital marketing and public relations are becoming harder and harder to define, and we see that as a good thing! It is safe to say that brands that cannot be found online will not be found anywhere. A new survey shows that over 90% of people read reviews online before making a decision. That means most of a brand’s reputation lives in the digital space.  

Here are three areas where digital marketing and public relations teams can create explosive synergy:  

  • Tracking analytics for better performance  
  • Leveraging the power of social media  
  • Insuring a consistent tone and voice across all platforms   

As PR professionals, we aim to ensure that the campaigns we develop reach our client’s target audiences and create positive outcomes for them. Linking arms with a digital marketing team will provide measurable answers to questions like: Are we providing content that resonates? Are we breaking into new areas and conversation spheres? Are we generating quality coverage? Are the KPIs we defined happening?  

For 2023, let’s go ahead and make it a rule that our public relations and digital marketing teams can only operate with each other! 

If you would like help with public relations, feel free to contact us. We offer a variety of services like digital marketing & analytics, marketing & brand strategy, and more to small and large companies. 

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