Our Favorite Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2022

In 2022 we saw the rise of nostalgia-based campaigns, interactive out-of-home ads and a lot of branded clothing and accessory lines. Below, our digital marketing team is sharing their favorite campaigns from the last year.

One of my favorite campaigns of 2022 was the Doritos’ triangle-inspired scavenger hunt. Following the pandemic, one of the most powerful marketing techniques for brands is leaning into the power of experiences for consumers, as many are searching for opportunities to get out and see new things. Set through a variety of locations around the world, this campaign sent Doritos fans on a worldwide hunt for buildings with a similar shape to a triangle, incorporating one of their most recognizable brand elements to further cement a connection. To add, they then launched a Triangle Tracker through Snapchat’s AR lens for users to essentially “make” recognized triangle shapes into Doritos – targeting consumers through a platform they’re most familiar with, and adding a fun element to help them win prizes. As we move forward in 2023, it’s an exciting time for brands to continue experimenting with out-of-home experiences while incorporating their unique elements to aid in greater brand recall amongst their target audience. – Reece, Brand and Content Strategist

One of the most memorable marketing campaigns from 2022 has to be the M&M’s rebranding. The M&M’s name and mascots are a classic, so it was risky for such a large and well-known company to undergo a rebranding that would affect people’s traditional way of thinking about the brand. After launching the campaign, the announcement of the brand refresh garnered over 10 billion earned media impressions and a 160 percent increase in brand searches on Google (Social Media Today.) The new-and-improved candy mascots, along with the addition of a new color – for the first time in over a decade – were meant to represent modernization and inclusivity for the brand. The company was able to use this brand refresh as a means to stay relevant with the newer generations, but due to recent polarized viewpoints, M&M’s has boldly decided to retire the “spokescandy” and opt for a new face of the brand to maintain neutralization. – Sarah, Digital Marketing Coordinator

This year, the Spotify Wrapped campaign took on two main pillars- motion and individuality. Working with New York-based production studio, Hornet, the campaign featured motion designs in the ‘monograms’ that each had their own personality and behavior. The goal of the motion tied perfectly into the individuality theme brought about by the new listening personality attributed to different times of the day for each user. Spotify Wrapped in general plays on peoples’ interest in learning about themselves. This new addition to Wrapped furthers that interest and captures it in brightly colored motion graphics. Spotify also capitalizes on the ease with which you can share your Spotify Wrapped on social media furthering engagement and drawing in more people to seek out their Wrapped making it a hit year after year. – Bridget, Digital Marketing Manager

McDonald’s Halloween Pails campaign, the Boo Bucket, was one of the most successful social media marketing campaigns of 2022 because it appealed to a broad range of consumers and allowed many to relive their childhood. These nostalgic happy meal containers, which were first introduced in the 1980s, were hugely successful. Not only did this campaign boost sales during the Halloween season, but chatter on social media about McDonald’s bringing back the Boo Buckets was immense and was happening prior to the official release. Due to the social media buzz and McDonald’s marketing efforts to appeal to consumers of all ages, a Boo Bucket craze occurred. Soon enough, consumers were trying to get their hands on each of the 3 Boo Buckets before they went away … and for who knows how long again. – Jill, Digital Marketing Director

Will these trends continue into 2023? Only time will tell – and we will be sure to write about it.

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