The Cyphers Crew

A team unlike any other you’ve met; together we make up the Cyphers Agency. Take a look at the stellar people who make up our Cyphers Crew!


He’s the founder, he’s the new business driver and he’s the HBIC. In the great land of Cyphers, he is the one that keeps us all in line and working to bring above and beyond work to our clients. He’s the visionary we all agree with (most of the time) and the best CEO out there.


 Creative Center


It’d be easy to say that he’s the center of the office, but even that wouldn’t do him justice. He exudes creative energy that we all happily absorb and feed off of in our work. He pushes the people around him to think not just creatively, but strategically. Each project he completes or collaborates on is a home run. He’s the team leader, he inspires and he makes us all better at our jobs.



Danielle Reigle

 Multitasking Queen

Whether she’s in a meeting or running to Dunkin for her 2:30pm coffee, she is always checking email and making sure all of her clients are ready to go. Balancing work, family, her daughter’s softball team and sleep is a tough job, but there’s no one better for it than our queen of all the things!


Anna Forbes

 Account Aficionado

No matter the issue, she’s there and ready to create a solution that benefits the client. She’s everyone’s go-to resource for strategy and account guidance. Without her, the office would be hot, quiet and in shambles. We’re lucky to have snagged her before any other agencies saw her talent!


Kellie Elmerajji

 Social Media Maven

No matter the platform or the time of day, our social media maven is there with your answer. She is our resident night owl, staying up to date on all things social media while the rest of us are sleeping. Visit her Facebook and Instagram for updates on the latest industry happenings and the latest on her adorable baby, Ava!


 PR Wonder Woman

She may be quiet, but don’t let that fool you, she’s an absolute powerhouse. You give this public relations guru a client and she will come back with three publications in a day. She’s kicking ass and taking names by the hour.


Kayla Twain

 Strategic Mastermind

Her Excel charts are only readable to her and they are the key to her organization. She takes an end goal and makes it an achieved goal in no time. Ready to take on any objective no matter what, Kayla is our new secret weapon.


Steve Adams

 Cyphers Prankster

Love it or hate it, there isn’t a space in the office safe from Steve’s hijinks. Whether it’s re-hiding eggs during an Easter Egg Hunt or hanging skeletons in corners to scare us, he’s always thinking up a new plan! He carries his creativity and out of the box ideas into his work with clients and is always brewing up something unique for them to try!


 Sass Master

An important role in any agency, Tracy keeps us all on our toes with her quick wit and innocent smile. She’s never one to shy away from a joke that makes you laugh and blush at the same time. Her jokes are the therapy we all need but have no time for. She brings this same tenacity to her role as Account Coordinator – there’s no detail that goes unnoticed on her never ending to do list.


 Ad Princess

It’s hard not to be a fan of this gal. She’s creative, innovative and likes numbers. We aren’t kidding when we say she’s the princess of ads. In seconds she can rattle off the CPCs of our latest ads and decide what our next steps should be. We might just lock her in a tower so her talent stays here (kidding, we don’t hold employees hostage).


Bridget Brady


Bridget Brady

 Content Curator

B can hang with the most creative of copywriters. But she doesn’t just write, she curates. B can take on the brand personality of any client and develop powerful content that will move even the most difficult of audiences. It’s funny, it’s edgy, it’s smart, it’s sophisticated, it’s always exactly on point for the brand. Just don’t ask her to develop content without her inspiration: Sour Patch Kids!


Lissy Kerr


Lissy Kerr

Design Darling

She takes on tough logos and rebranding projects with a calm collected attitude and absolutely rocks them. She’s got the biggest smile in the office and always knows how to strike up a friendly chat. If we’re lucky she’ll bring in her creative side kick, Charlie the dog, adding to the energy we have in the office. Four paws for Lissy!


 Sarcastic Savant

He’s normally pretty quiet but when he does speak he’s gracing us with his dry humor and quick wit. There isn’t a project this guy can’t handle, though it’s rare not to get a grumble from him when we bring something back because a client has changed their mind. He’s the nicest grouch you’ll ever meet.


Culinary Connoisseur

There’s nothing too weird for this guy to try at least once. Although he is a Thai food regular, Billy is a fan of all cuisines. Just like his willingness to try everything in the food world, he’s always eager to take on a new creative task. He’s not just a code guy, he has a not-so-secret love for all things graphic design! Hats off to the man that lends his tastes and talents to everything.


Christina Drews

Green Guru

She keeps the office alive… literally. Our resident green thumb shared her love for plants with the office and makes sure we all take care of them. Just like she keeps things lively in the office, Christina is an art directing livewire. There’s no project she won’t tackle with her creative powers.

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