Take Your PR Imagery to the Next Level

PR EventTake Your PR Imagery to the Next Level by learning how to strategically balance communications through infographics, photos and videos.

We’ve recapped our best tips for creating and using images:

  • Strategy is key. Make sure your objective is well thought out and that your image will show the message, not tell it.
  • Size matters. Properly size your images for each platform so they aren’t cropped or squished. Sloppy thumbnail images will do you no favors. Specifications change constantly, so make sure you’re up to date for each platform.
  • Some DIY image tools to try: Canva and Adobe Spark for single images; Pablo for quick and simple social media images; Easelly for infographics.
  • Infographics: avoid heavy text, boring charts and content overload. Don’t confuse the eye, steer your audience toward a natural focal point and flow.
  • The 20% text rule for Facebook ads was updated to a ratings system.
  • Whenever applicable, include an image during proactive, manual outreach to reporters, bloggers and influencers.
  • Image pet peeves: low resolution, incorrectly sized, poor cropping.
  • Submitting infographics to directories is a great way to boost your SEO through backlinks and increased shares.
  • For mobile, natural eye movement is top to bottom. Your images should flow to follow suit. Keep the text light and focus on headlines and callouts with supporting graphics.
  • If forced to use stock imagery, think creatively about your topic rather than searching for a literal photo. For instance, to announce a partnership, don’t go for the typical handshake images. Think about two things that complement each other, like peanut butter and chocolate. These images will be more appealing and won’t scream “stock photo.”

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