Social Media Content Topics for Educational Institutions

No matter the social platform you’re using, as an educational institution it’s important to establish set social media content topics for your social media accounts. Having a guideline of what you’re posting about and how often will provide a polished and professional look to your social accounts. Read on for our recommended content buckets! 

Program information 

Sharing program information can be more than just linking to your program pages. You want to educate viewers on what programs you offer but also what makes them special. Here are a few ways to share information without being boring and providing links: 

  • Highlight professors or department heads that are involved in programs. 
  • Share specific classes required for programs 
  • Leverage content posted by students about their studies and give additional info in the copy 
  • Showcase program specializations that make what you offer unique compared to other institutions

Student success 

Celebrate your students! From graduations to honor roll announcements or posts asking them to share their successes, it is important to acknowledge what your students have accomplished. Take the time to celebrate the wins of students to show you’re an involved and engaged educational institution. Current students will feel recognized and prospective students will enjoy knowing their potential future school appreciates students’ hard work. 

Current events

Leveraging holidays and events are a great way for educational institutions to tap into current conversations. Whether it’s asking what people are doing to celebrate a holiday or asking who will be at an event, it shows that the institution is involved and interested in what its students’ are up to. 

Student support

Educational institutions should also work to incorporate messaging about student support services they offer. This could range from tutoring and career services to financial aid assistance. Let current and potential students know that there are a number of ways you can help them before, during and after their degree program. 

These core social media content topics will help present your educational institution as well-rounded while also providing important information about what your school has to offer. 

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