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A Protein Packed Blog Post (Maybe)

Lean Mean Protein MachineFor years I’ve been doing creative for one of our favorite clients: The National Chicken Council. With each campaign, we discuss new strategies and often come back to the biggest differentiator: it is packed full of protein. Over the years, the trends in healthy eating have jumped all over the place from low carb to low calorie but it now seems that protein is once again trending. A recent national campaign trying to capitalize on this latest trend caught my eye the other day. Kraft Foods is engaging active consumers who are looking for protein- filled, healthy snacks with its Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Pack product.Simulations The meat snack was developed because protein snacking is a growing, $19 billion category, and it has a 7% growth rate. As an ad man and fitness/health fan, I had mixed feelings. These new P3 Portable Protein Packs are being positioned as an on-the-go healthy snack that features Oscar Mayer Select Meats, Kraft Natural Cheese, and Planters Nuts.   The hope is that these P3 packs could definitely be a welcome protein substitute to health nuts who are sick of their usual protein bar meal replacement. They created a logo that has a sports feel likened to a protein bar or sports drink with its large heavy “P3” font and bright colors. All that seems to be missing is a lightning bolt. I do think this positioning will work for semi-health conscious consumers but not for the hardcore health nut. The health-conscious side of me evaluated the facts beyond the trickery of the brand development. Let’s face it, it’s only 13 grams of protein, it’s highly processed cubes of meat with a few nibbles of cheese and nuts. Think of them as alternatives to Lunchables, for adults, minus the Capri Sun. To me, these pre-packaged sets of cheese, nuts, and meats are a throwback to the Lunchables of my youth. Those lunch packs were criticized for being somewhat unhealthy for kids, yet this latest packaged offering from the company is aimed at the health-conscious. Really? As an advertising professional, it makes me ask: Why is the brand icon featured in most of the media an overweight, hipster, doofus? I know that these types of irreverent creative campaigns poking fun at people who take exercise too seriously might provoke some giggles, but really .. for the health-conscious? Why not cash in on the guaranteed nostalgia points and just call them Adult Lunchables?

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