A Day in the Life: Anna, Senior Account Executive

A Day in the Life: Anna, Senior Account Executive

Explaining what I do on a daily basis is crazy hard because I never do the same thing. That’s precisely what I love about my job. To say I wear a lot of hats doesn’t even begin to cover it. As a Senior Account Executive I’m a researcher, strategist, media planner, media buyer, project manager, account manager, proofreader, party planner, brainstorm leader…and the list goes on.

The things that I do everyday always include my long commute from Ashton, Maryland, lots of coffee, phone calls, emails and meetings. In between the chaos, I often become the office DJ for the account team since I’m the one with the sweet subwoofers at my desk. On especially fun days, I get have brainstorms outside (with coffee of course), manage video shoots or even leave early to enjoy some stand up paddle boarding with Sarah. I’m always bouncing around the office working with someone on the Cyphers team – either Danielle (to beg for a same day turn around on a project), Darren (to pour over a creative brief until it’s perfect), Sarah (to come up with something amazing for our social media marketing clients) or one of the creative team members (to ask for just one more change).

At the end of the day, I always leave knowing tomorrow will be completely different.


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