Nothing Like Free Chicken on a Friday

Our office found out about Chick-fil-A’s “Cow Appreciation Day” via twitter last Friday morning. Cow Appreciation Day is an annual event, where customers receive a free Chick-fil-A meal for dressing up as a cow.  The Cyphers Agency’s Word of Mouth department does work for the National Chicken Council, so we’re already big on anything that has to do with chicken. And free chicken, who can turn that down?

The catch: to get free chicken, you  had to dress up like a cow. As the intern, I took one for the team so that we could show everyone else how to do it.

This is just one of the fun ways to create media for your Facebook page, YouTube account, or website. We used this content as material for our Chicken fan page (for the National Chicken Council), that has grown to 3,234 (and climbing) fans in six weeks. How did we get so many fans? We give them fun content (like the above video) and other information that they find valuable, like chicken recipes around dinnertime. Giving your audience the information they want, in the places they already interact, is a tried-and-true method of increasing your fans or followers. Speaking of followers, you can also find @chickenftw on Twitter. So get out there and give your audience something they WANT to pass along (not some cheesy marketing message).

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